YourBNC || TOS
By signing up/using our service you agree to ALL of the following:
  • DO NOT ban evade whether this be on any network, or channel.
  • DO NOT spam – this includes everything, for example: a network, channel or user.
  • DO NOT do anything illegal. Period, for example sharing child pornography, P2P/Torrenting (illegal content), etc.
  • DO NOT use this service to idle, the purpose of this service is to use it. If you are going to be away for a sustained period of time please contact us, to remove the risk of your account being removed. [Usually accounts are removed within 30-35 days of inactivity]
  • DO NOT apply for multiple accounts, our bot network will warn us upon this happening. If you require more than 1 account, please contact us and we can make special arrangements.
  • DO NOT request accounts for friends or family. They must contact us directly.
  • DO NOT log into any account other than your own.
    You may also note:
  • If you are banned on any of your networks, you run the risk of being suspended.
  • We do not look at your logs unless requested by the user / network staff.
  • We do not guarantee 100% uptime. [Although we operate at roughly 98-99%]
  • Connecting via public proxies/online webchat/TOR/etc is forbidden. Private proxies are still permitted.
  • YourBNC has teamed up with other BNC Providers to help stop abuse. Most of our users should/will not be affected by this but abusive users’ details may be passed on.
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    • Alpha is ONLINEUsers: 216
    • Bravo is ONLINEUsers: 40
    • Charlie is ONLINEUsers: 20
    • Delta is ONLINEUsers: 124
    • Echo is ONLINEUsers: 1
    • Foxtrot is ONLINEUsers: 25
    • Golf is ONLINEUsers: 17
    • Hotel is ONLINEUsers: 21
    • India is ONLINEUsers: 51
    • Juliet is ONLINEUsers: 31
    • Kilo is ONLINEUsers: 19
    • Lima is ONLINEUsers: 20
    • Mike is ONLINEUsers: 35
    • November is ONLINEUsers: 6
    • Oscar is ONLINEUsers: 13
    • Papa is ONLINEUsers: 6
    Total IRC Connections: 645
    Pending Requests: 0
    Blocked Accounts: 2
    Networks: 277
    Connected Via: W3

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