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Cajs (Cameron Stephen) Owner Website Developer Maintainer Admin Alpha [Also W2] Mike [Sponsored*] [Also W3] W1 W4 EN, ES I’m a 17 year old student from the United Kingdom. I attend one of the top schools in England, and currently study A Levels (Maths, Physics, Product Design and Computing). I currently spend a lot of my time volunteering trying to raise awareness of LGBTQ and mental health issues, and how these things are okay, not something to shy away from. I’m currently working on projects with famous athletes and companies such as Nike in order to create a information video to be sent round schools in order to raise awareness of these issues. I also have a passion for coding/scripting. I don’t really have a key focus but HTML and TCL are my strongest/most used areas. I also know some: Java, Perl, Python, PHP, CSS, YAML and Pickaxe. I’m also a massive sport person, competing in national competitions for Water Polo, I happen to also be an ex-national swimmer too. Water sports is something I find really interesting and healthy too!
Ricky [RickyB98] Developer Admin IT, EN, ES
Mathias [PackardBell|Packard|Sollidius] Website Developer [training] Maintainer Admin Charlie Delta NL, FR, EN, DE Lets make this quick: you can find personal info on my website I run Charlie & Delta for almost a year now. I was founder of FoundBNC which merged with YourBNC. Further questions: come to irc!
Yoda [ItsYoda or `Yoda] Maintainer Admin Golf Hotel Juliet Papa EN Hi, I’m Yoda. My real name is Tom, and I’m commonly known as Tom/Tommy/Yoda/ItsYoda. I joined YourBNC staff team 30th July 2014 and I provide four servers, Golf, Hotel, Juliet and Papa! I love linux and experimenting with different distros. I’ve been using IRC properly for ~2 years and not properly for about 4-5. I’m actively on EsperNet, come say hi!
Jordan [JordanJ2 or xClone84] Maintainer Admin Bravo Oscar EN My name is Jordan, known also as JordanJ2 / xClone84. If you would like to contact me my website is and my twitter is @xClone84.
havok Maintainer Admin Foxtrot SE, EN, NO, DK I’m a 16 year old swedish student and I have a burning passion for networking, linux administration and gaming. I’ve been setting up small gaming servers running on linux for over 8 years. I love retro games, pixel games and games from the “classical era”. The original Zelda: Links Awakening and Cave Story are two of my many favourite games. I am also a big IRC lover. I know many things when it comes to IRC networks and the history of IRC.
Aiden880 Maintainer Admin Echo India Kilo Lima EN I’m a 16 Year old College (Sixth-Form) student from the United Kingdom, currently studying Maths, Further Maths, ICT and Science. I enjoy playing with Linux systems as a “part-time” / “hobbyist” sysadmin. I can code in HTML, CSS, jQuery and partly in JavaScript, PHP, Java and Python. I’m a Minecraft Server admin on a couple of servers, and an admin here. I enjoy playing with servers, networks, IRC and I occasionally game.
nw` Developer Maintainer Admin November EN No personal info yet.
* = Crissic sponsored this server for the use of YourBNC. Cajs manages and maintains this server.
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  • Alpha is ONLINEUsers: 216
  • Bravo is ONLINEUsers: 40
  • Charlie is ONLINEUsers: 20
  • Delta is ONLINEUsers: 124
  • Echo is ONLINEUsers: 1
  • Foxtrot is ONLINEUsers: 25
  • Golf is ONLINEUsers: 17
  • Hotel is ONLINEUsers: 21
  • India is ONLINEUsers: 51
  • Juliet is ONLINEUsers: 31
  • Kilo is ONLINEUsers: 19
  • Lima is ONLINEUsers: 20
  • Mike is ONLINEUsers: 35
  • November is ONLINEUsers: 6
  • Oscar is ONLINEUsers: 13
  • Papa is ONLINEUsers: 6
Total IRC Connections: 645
Pending Requests: 0
Blocked Accounts: 2
Networks: 277
Connected Via: W1

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