Then you need to say in the channel:

OR you can private message the bot if you want to keep your information secure:
/PRIVMSG YourBNC :request [nick] [network] [email]
If the command above doesn’t work, try the following one:
/msg YourBNC request [nick] [network] [email]

After performing the command you should get a message like this:
YourBNC: Your token has been sent to your email address. Check spam if you cannot find it. Follow the instructions on your email to activate your BNC. You have 30 minutes from now before your token expires.

After checking your email (Check Spam Too If You Cannot Find It!) you should see an email giving you a set of instructions. You’re going to copy your token code and replace [token] in the next command (please also change [nick] (this should be the same one as you requested earlier)):
?verify [nick] [token]

At the point, all the YourBNC will have been notified of you making a request. They will accept/decline your request normally within 6 hours. But please leave up to 24 hours for busy periods (and when we’re asleep).
If your account is accepted, you will receive another email giving you all the details to connect.

That’s it, you’re all set – And of course you’re welcome to ping any of the opped (@) or voiced (+) members IN our channels for help.

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